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What are cats scared of

Dogs and cats, especially kittens, can be spooked by noises, movement and people, so here are some things that can spook cats.

Cats are afraid of:


Large dogs

Dogs that are nervous, which can include hunting dogs or dogs left behind by their owners

People (especially those who are unfamiliar or act in an unusual way)

Cats are also scared of:



Dangerous animals

Scents (like food, urine, and vomit)

Scented objects

Loud noises

Cats also don’t like bright lights

What causes cat anxiety?

Many cats respond to changes in their environment. The stability of their territory, the people in the house, the content of the food, and the surroundings in general can all cause anxiety in cats.

Other causes of cat anxiety include:

Changes in the weather


Sudden changes in routine

Changes in the environment

What can I do if my cat is anxious?

You can do a few things to help your cat cope with his or her anxiety. This includes:

Providing a calm, consistent environment

Calming or reducing the amount of stimulus in your home

Providing a consistent routine

Increasing your cat’s comfort

If your cat is showing signs of anxiety, then you should reach out to a vet for help. Your vet can recommend medication to help your cat to cope with anxiety and work through his or her anxiety.

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