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What do cats eat and drink

Cats and dogs are different in how they should be fed. Dogs should be fed with dry food and some meat and fish. Cats are not carnivores, so they do not need to eat dry and dry food. Cats are just like humans and they like to eat some meat and fish. If you feed your cat with dry food, it would be tired to eat when the food is too dry and it will not have enough energy to play and sleep. Cats are known as a carnivore, so they need to have some meat and fish in their diet. Dogs are fed with dry food and some meat and fish.

Do cats have teeth?

Cats have teeth like dogs. The difference is that cats have very small teeth. Cats have a set of teeth that are there to help them chew their prey and they are called “canine teeth”. Cats’s teeth are sharp, but they are not used for killing. Cats’s teeth are used for chewing, so they can eat their prey.

How old do cats get?

Cats are adorable and lovable, but they are also very different from dogs. Cats live much longer than dogs and they also have different lifespans. Cats are also very different from dogs in their behavior and appearance. Cats are also known as a carnivore, so they need to eat meat and fish. Cats’s appearance and behavior make them different from dogs.

Do cats have a sense of smell?

Cats’s sense of smell is a little better than dogs’s. Cats can see in the dark, but their sense of smell is not as good as dogs’s. Cats can also hear better than dogs. Cats can hear better than dogs because cats have a better sense of hearing than dogs. Dogs can hear better than cats because dogs are very smart and they can hear better than cats.

What is a cat’s diet?

Cats need a diet with meat and fish. Cats are carnivores. Cats need to eat meat and fish to have enough energy because cats are also very active. Cats also have a very thick skin that protects them from the cold. Cats’s diet is also very different from dogs’s.

Cats have a better sense of smell than dogs. Cats have a very keen sense of smell. Cats can smell food that is very far away. Cats can smell food that is not fresh or not cooked. Cats can also smell fish and meat. Cats can also hear better than dogs.

How do you feed cats?

Cats need to eat dry food and also some meat and fish. Cats also need to drink water. Cats also need to be groomed. Cats also need to be brushed.

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