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What does a cat tooth abscess look like

A cat tooth abscess is a very obvious infection on your cat's tooth. It is a swollen, pus-filled area on the tooth. It can cause severe pain and loss of appetite for your cat.

How is a cat tooth abscess diagnosed?

Your veterinarian will diagnose a tooth abscess based on your cat's symptoms and the type of tooth involved. Your veterinarian will want to get a sample of the tooth abscess to be sure that it is an abscess, not a dental issue such as an infection with bacteria.

How is a cat tooth abscess treated?

Your veterinarian can use antibiotics to treat a tooth abscess. Antibiotics will clear up your cat's abscess. They will also help prevent future abscesses.

How can I prevent my cat from getting a tooth abscess?

You can prevent your cat from developing a tooth abscess by keeping your cat's teeth clean and healthy. Feeding your cat a quality diet and giving your cat a daily dental cleaning are also very important.

What is the prognosis for my cat with a tooth abscess?

Your veterinarian will determine the best treatment for your cat based on your cat's condition and the type of tooth abscess. The prognosis for a tooth abscess depends on the type of abscess.

What else can I do for my cat with a tooth abscess?

You should keep your cat from eating strongly flavored foods and from sucking on items with strong flavors such as licorice. You also should keep your cat from ingesting items that are coarse or rough.

When should I call my veterinarian?

If your cat appears to have an abscess, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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