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What are annual cat vaccinations

Our vaccination programme for your cat is an essential part of the overall health of your cat. It’s really important that all cats in a family are vaccinated as a matter of course. We recommend that you adopt a cat from a rescue or a shelter, but if you have a cat that you’ve kept yourself, you should ideally have your cat vaccinated against the following:












Cats can be very sensitive to changes in their environment and to changes in their routines. For example, if you suddenly decide to move house, don’t move your cat unless you’re prepared to take her with you. A few days are likely to be enough to upset her routine, and she may start ‘marking’ areas of the house as ‘her’ territory, which could lead to her spraying urine in the house.

Cats are very tidy animals and they don’t like to be disturbed while they’re doing their business. If you disturb them while they’re doing their business, they may stop using the litter tray, so it’s important to get them used to the routine of using it regularly.

The best way to do this is to put a litter tray in the same area of the house every time you go to the toilet. This means that the cats won’t need a special ‘bathroom’, and you can use the same area for your own toilet, laundry and other activities.

Cats have a very strong sense of smell, and using a litter tray will help to keep odours to a minimum.

Cats are also very clean animals, and they won’t like the smell of a dirty litter tray. It’s important that you change the litter regularly, perhaps cleaning it every day.

If you keep your cat indoors, she may need her own litter tray. If you keep her in a garden, it’s best to use a plastic tray as they’re better at keeping odours in than wood or stone.


Your cat may be upset if another pet is in the house. If you have a dog or a guinea pig, it’s best to keep them on their own for a while. The same applies to visiting children. Children can be very noisy and your cat may find the noise upsetting.


Cats can be very inquisitive and curious animals.

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