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What are bait dogs and cats

Bait dogs and cats are a type of service animal that are used for the purposes of testing for drugs, with the expectation that the animal will alert the handler to the presence of a controlled substance through its behavior. A common example is a trained dog sniffing out drugs in luggage, on the ground, in a vehicle, etc. These dogs and cats are trained and are provided solely for the purpose of performing a service for the handler. A person entitled to the benefits of the ADA (e.g., law enforcement, airline or railroad employees) or a person with a disability that requires the use of a service animal may not have to pay a pet fee for a trained service animal.

Are service animals the same as emotional support animals?

No. Service animals are trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities, whereas emotional support animals are not specifically trained for this purpose but provide comfort to their handlers. Service animals are not pets.

Do I have to pay a pet fee or ask for identification?

The ADA does not require an individual with a disability to pay a fee to have a service animal. However, an airline or other entity may charge an individual with a disability, who is accompanied by a service animal, a fee for a first-class ticket or other fare accommodation. An individual with a disability who is accompanied by an emotional support animal does not have to pay a fee.

What if my emotional support animal causes a disturbance?

The ADA provides protection for emotional support animals by ensuring that a public entity will not discriminate against an individual with disability. A public entity may not exclude an emotional support animal from its place of public accommodation. For example, an individual with a disability and a service animal may be required to remove the animal from the premises if it is not housebroken or if it causes a disturbance.

What if an emotional support animal is not housebroken or causes a disturbance?

An animal may be excluded from a place of public accommodation that does not allow animals as a reasonable accommodation to a known disability only if it poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. Examples of factors that may be considered when determining whether a particular animal poses a direct threat include but are not limited to: the nature of the animal's behavior; the condition or behavior of the animal; and the extent to which the animal's presence may disrupt the normal use of the premises.

Does my emotional support animal have to be a dog or cat?

No. The ADA allows emotional support animals of any species or size.

Can I take my emotional support animal on an airplane?

Yes. The Department of Transportation (DOT) updated guidance in 2010 to allow emotional support animals to accompany their owners as service animals in all areas of U.S. airports that accept service animals.

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