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What are bald cats called

A bald cat is also known as a ‘reverted’ or ‘reverted to kitten’ cat. It is a type of genetic mutation, in which the hair growth in the skin is reversed. The hair continues to grow out of the skin. It is a common occurrence in cats, and can occur at any age, but usually in cats over 3 years of age. The balding can be caused by many different factors, such as a viral infection, a cancer or nematode worm, a genetic mutation, or a hormonal imbalance.

What are the causes of bald cats?

A bald cat is a genetic mutation. It usually occurs after the cat has been neutered, as the hormones associated with reproduction have been removed from the cat.

What are the symptoms of bald cats?

The cat may feel self-conscious about her baldness. She may wear a bandanna to cover her bald patches. She may also have bald patches in other areas of her body such as her belly, chest, or legs.

What is the treatment for bald cats?

Since the baldness is caused by a genetic mutation, there is no known treatment that will reverse the baldness or prevent it from happening again. It is important however, to keep her in good health and monitor her weight and her food intake. Weight loss is common in bald cats, and they tend to be underweight.

If you wish to discuss bald cats with your veterinarian, please call (858) 474-6100.

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