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What are bobtail cats

A bobtail cat is one that has been de-clawed and is generally a very small cat. This is not a breed but a characteristic of a cat with a naturally shortened tail.

They are not a breed nor are they a recognized breed, but can be registered as a natural variation of a breed.

How are bobtail cats formed?

Bobtail cats come from naturally occurring genes that shorten the tail. It is not a genetic mutation. The gene for bobtail is found in the O-factor gene. Cats with this gene have tails that are naturally shortened.

Is there a bobtail cat registry?

Yes, there is a bobtail cat registry. It is the International Cat Association (ICA). It is a non-profit organization that has a registry for bobtail cats.

ICA Cat Registry

What other cat associations have bobtail cats as a recognized breed?

The following associations recognize bobtail cats:

American Cat Fanciers Association

Cat Fanciers Association

The International Cat Association

National Cat Association

Conformation Cat Association

What does a bobtail cat look like?

Baldwin, like any other cat, has a bobtail.

What is the bobtail cat’s lifespan like?

Baldwins can live anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

Are bobtail cats albinos?

It is possible for a bobtail cat to be an albino. If a mutation occurs in the O-factor gene, the gene will cause the cat to be albino.

What does a bobtail cat eat?

Baldwins are carnivores. They eat the same foods as other cats.

Here is a photo of a bobtail cat, Baldwin.

Is there a normal bobtail cat?

There are two different types of bobtail cats: Type I and Type II.

Type I

Type I cats have shortened tails with a normal appearance. The tail bone is shortened and the tail curls around the ball of the foot.

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