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What is the fattest cat in the world

Is it the cat with the longest fur? Or the largest? No, it’s not that. It’s the fattest cat that’s ever been weighed!

This little kitten, who is said to be only 11 weeks old, has been put on a diet. She’s being fed an orange a day, and each orange is carefully weighed.

The orange that has been weighing her is a little larger than a baseball, but the little kitten will grow into it eventually.

The orange has picked the right cat to diet, because the cat is already the fattest cat in the world!

How much do you think that stuffed orange is worth?

I’d say it’s a lot. I’d say it’s worth $10.00.

She’s already as fat as she’ll ever get, and I’d say that’s a good thing. She’s way too fat to ever grow into the orange.

I’d say that the orange, which is being carefully measured, is worth at least $10.00.

And if it makes you feel better — it’s only half an orange a day!

The orange is weighing a lot more than it weighs. It weighs almost as much as a coffee cup!

If the orange was a person, it would weigh around 100 pounds!

I don’t think she’s going to be able to eat that much of that orange, but she’ll try.

She’ll grow into it — she’ll probably be able to eat four oranges a day!

If she could eat four oranges a day, she would weigh about 260 pounds!

But the orange is only one orange. She’ll just have to eat one more an orange.

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