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What are calico cats like

Calico cats are among the most rare of all cat colors. They are also among the most popular, and for good reason. Calico cats are very sweet and playful, and quite intelligent.

Calico cats have distinctive markings, which include two distinct colors: one solid color, and one with a pattern of white or black spots.

Calico cats have distinct markings, including one solid color and one with a pattern of white or black spots.

How do calico cats breed?

Calico cats are not a breed of cat. They are a color variation of the domestic cat.

What is a calico cat's personality like?

Calico cats are very friendly, outgoing and affectionate. They are also extremely playful, and love to play with toys.

What are calico cats like to live with?

Calico cats are very social. They can be quite demanding when they want something, but they are just as happy lounging on your lap as they are chasing a laser pointer.

How do calico cats act around humans?

Calico cats are very friendly and affectionate towards humans. They are not shy, and will often come right up to you and rub against you, or even climb up on your lap.

Calico cats are very friendly and affectionate towards humans.

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