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What are cat allergies

Allergies are a physical reaction to a substance that causes the immune system to start attacking the body's own tissues. In the case of cat allergies, the allergic reaction is the body's attack on the cat's fur. In more serious cases the allergic reaction can be the body's attack on the tissues of the eyes, nose, or respiratory tract.

The immune system is an extremely sophisticated system of defense. The body is constantly under attack by germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When an allergy develops, the immune system is directed to attack the substance that is causing the allergy. This process is called immunization. The allergic reaction is a type of immunization.

Immunization is a process that occurs when the body is exposed to a foreign substance. For example, you are exposed to a substance such as grass when you go camping. The grass is a foreign substance that the body is exposed to. Some of the grass pollen winds up in your nose and throat and causes an allergic reaction. The system that is responsible for dealing with the pollen is the immune system. It has become "trained" to recognize the pollen. It does this by eliciting an immune response to the pollen.

In severe cases of allergies, the process that results in the allergic reaction is so strong that the immune system will react against the body's own tissues. In these cases, the allergic reaction is not elicited by a foreign substance. The body is the foreign substance.

The allergic reaction to cats is not a new phenomenon. Over the years many people have suffered allergic reactions to cats. It is also not a recent phenomenon. Cats were first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East approximately 9,000 years ago. In that time period, cats have already been exposed to large numbers of people. It is likely that the allergic reaction to cats has been present for thousands of years.

Some people have very severe allergic reactions to cats. Many others have milder allergic reactions. Symptoms of the milder allergic reactions include skin rashes, eye irritation, and nasal and sinus congestion. The symptoms of the severe allergic reactions are much more severe. They include severe skin rashes, eye problems, and severe respiratory problems. In some severe cases of allergic reactions, the body's response is so severe that it causes the death of the cat.

Allergic reactions to cats are not caused by cats themselves. Instead, cats acquire their allergens from the people who keep them. The allergens come from the cat's environment, the cat's food, the cat's bedding, and the cat's litter. The allergic reaction occurs in the body due to exposure to the allergens.

Toxins can also cause allergic reactions. Toxins are substances that can cause allergic reactions. Some toxins are produced by plants. Some toxins are synthetic.

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