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What can you give a cat for allergies

I have a cat with allergies and she has been on it for about 5 years now. She is on the old fashioned type and it works great!

What can I give a cat with allergies?

It's not a good idea to feed your cat certain foods or to give them medication because this can cause allergies and other health problems. There are allergies that can be treated and by having your cat tested for allergies you can find out which one is correct and … Read More »

How to keep a cat from getting allergies?

If you have a cat with allergies, you can use flea and tick prevention on your cat. Make sure you get the right kind and dosage. You can also use a cat allergy formula. You can buy it online but it is a little more expensive. You can also give your cat a bath… Read More »

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Untreated cat allergies can be uncomfortable for sufferers at best, but in some cases can also trigger serious asthma attacks. What Are Signs of a Cat Allergy? Allergic reactions can range from mild cold symptoms to coughing and serious breathing problems. You may notice some of these common symptoms during an allergic reaction to a cat Read more

What does diagnostic testing include for Environmental Allergies? Blood and intradermal testing. What can happen if the pet has both food and seasonal allergies? May show allergic signs seasonally even when the food allergy is well controlled. What happens when a new allergen comes along to an immune system that is already on high alert because of a constant low-level allergic response? Read more

Before you use the new litter, thoroughly clean out your cat’s litter box. Give it a good scrubbing to ensure you remove all the dust from the previous litter. You’ll also need to clean all the areas of your house where the litter dust could have been tracked. This means cleaning your floors, your carpets, your cat’s bed, cat tree, and any other areas where he likes to go after using the litter box. Read more

Allergies can pop up throughout the year. You may be tempted to grab the closest antihistamine medicine to fend off your itchy eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose. Before you do, make sure the medicine won’t do more harm than good. Read more

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