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Is there a difference between blue and green cat eyes? What is the best green cat eye? What is the best cat eye liner? What is the best way to apply cat eyes?

Many women are convinced that eye shadow is not for them. It is too difficult, too time consuming and they do not like the way they look afterwards.

Other women enjoy how their eyes look when they wear eye shadow. They love the way it makes them look and they want to learn how to apply eye shadow.

I want to show you how to apply eye shadow the right way. I want to show you how to get the cat eye look.

It is important to know that the cat eye look is not hard to achieve. It just takes a few minutes to put on eye shadow and a few minutes to take it off.

I want to show you how to get the perfect cat eye look.

What Is The Correct Way To Apply Eye Shadow?

It is important to know that eye shadow is NOT the same thing as eyeliner.

Eye shadow is a lot softer than eyeliner. It is not as strong and it does not last as long.

Sometimes people don't realize that eye shadow is not eyeliner. They apply eyeliner to their eyes and then apply eye shadow to their eyelids.

They are confusing the two and it does not work.

You should never apply eye shadow to your eyelids. You should only apply it to your eyelids if you want to wear eyeliner.

You should only apply eye shadow to your eyelids if you want to wear eyeliner.

How To Apply Eye Shadow Correctly

It is important to know that there are two types of eye shadow.

There is a cream eye shadow and there is a powder eye shadow.

I recommend you use the cream eye shadow. It is easier to apply and it lasts longer.

You should apply it with your fingers.

The best way to apply cream eye shadow is to start at the corner of your eye and work your way out and up.

Apply the shadow with your fingers.

You will have to apply it a few times because it is not as strong as the powder eye shadow.

Apply it where the natural crease is on your eyelid. You will have to have a little practice to get it perfect.

Work your way from the bottom of your eye to the top. Apply it with your fingers.

You can also use a brush.

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