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What are cat hot spots

Cat hot spots are places where cats are found and where the cat population is high.

Do I need to spay or neuter my pet?

Because of all the risks associated with pet overpopulation, we recommend that you spay or neuter your pet.

How can I help prevent unwanted litters of kittens and cats?

ASPCA urges you to spay or neuter your pet. You can do this at any time and it is 100% effective in preventing the creation of unwanted litters.

How do I get rid of stray cats?

Call the City of New York Animal Care and Control at 311 and they will dispatch a team to assist you.

How do I get rid of stray kittens?

How do I report a lost pet?

Call the ASPCA Animal Rescue Hotline at 1-888-404-7722.

Where can I find more information on cat care?

The ASPCA Animal Hospital is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art hospital that specializes in the treatment of cats. The Hospital offers free, confidential, and professional advice for general care and the treatment of cats. You can also find extensive information on cat care and many other topics on the

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In The Illustrated Dream Dictionary, Russell Grant explains that cats are largely bad omens and may be a sign of deception or disloyalty among those closest to you. A black cat, in particular, may indicate signs of illness to come, "but chase one away and you may get a surprise stroke of good luck." Read more

Cat – Cat – Cat – Cat crossIng bad omen or a superstition spiritually? Its quite a famous belief spread around all parts of India that when we head our way to someplace important and if a cat runs across your way, its a bad omen, and the solution would be to go back home, sit for a while and then start again… Read more

“Investigating this phenomenon will help us better understand the evolution of sociality in animals, including us.” After the first round of tests, the researchers enrolled half the kittens used in the study in a training and socialization course. The other half served as a control group. One day a week for six weeks, kittens played with one another and were trained to sit, stay and... Read more

If there are fleas, it is most definitely that there will also be eggs and dirt. You can find some of this dirt at the base of the fur. Whether it’s through separating the fur or combing the dirt off, this will clearly indicate the presence of fleas and eggs on your furry pet. What do flea eggs look like on furniture? Read more

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