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What are cat hot spots

Cat hot spots are small, often round, spots of raised, raised-pink skin on the cat's body. They are most commonly found on the cat's back, neck and legs. However, they can appear anywhere on the cat's body and are more common in cats with a darker coat.

Cat hot spots are harmless and will go away after the cat is off the medication.

What causes cat hot spots?

Cat hot spots are caused by the cat rubbing against something while grooming. The spots can also be caused by the cat scratching at the skin.

How are cat hot spots treated?

There is no treatment for cat hot spots. You can help the cat by keeping it off any high-traffic places, such as furniture, rugs and curtains. You can also use a pet hair rake or furminator to remove the cat's loose hairs from the spot.

Is cat hot spots normal?

Yes, cat hot spots are normal for cats.

How can I prevent cat hot spots?

Regular grooming is the best way to prevent cat hot spots. Groom your cat regularly and brush the cat's hair to remove loose hairs from the cat's body. Brush your cat's hair to prevent it from becoming matted and scratching.

Is cat hot spots contagious to other cats?

No, cat hot spots are not contagious to other cats.

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