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What are the flaps on cats ears

The flaps are the thin skin that sit in the rear of the ear. They are covered by the cartilage of the ear and can be folded flat against the back of the ear (when the ear is in a normal position) or they can be unfolded to form triangular shapes (when the ear is turned to the side).

Why are cats ears inverted?

This is because cats have evolved to hear in a different way to humans. Their ears are shaped to face inwards towards the skull so that they can pick up the high-pitched sounds (such as the noise of a bird) that we cannot hear. To us, it can sound like the bird is directly above us, while the cat is looking straight ahead.

What is the purpose of the ridge at the back of the cats ear?

This ridge is called the tragus. It is the place where the skin of the ear meets the cartilage in the ear. This gives the ear its characteristic shape, and is where the opening for the ear canal is located.

How do cats hear?

Cats have a full set of upper and lower hearing (auditory) canals. The upper canals are in the ear canal and the lower canals are in the inner ear.

When a cat hears, the sound waves travel through the inner ear, travel along the cochlea and vibrate the hair cells (microscopic hairs) in the cochlea. The vibrations are then transmitted to the brain.

The cat’s brain interprets the vibrations of the hair cells as sound. In humans, the sound is translated into electrical signals and these are sent to the hearing nerve.

How do I keep my cats ears clean?

Cats ear cleansers should be applied at least two times weekly to help clean the ears. They can also be dipped in a solution of warm water and vinegar.


What is a dogs ear canal?

A dog’s ear canal is the passage that extends from the ear through to the eardrum.

Why does my dog have a black eye?

This is a small injury to the inner ear where the eardrum has been torn. The injury is usually caused by the dog jumping on something.

Why do dogs have white spots on their ear?

These are eardrum cysts.

How do I prevent my dog from pulling on the leash?

Leash training is a good way to prevent dogs from pulling on the leash. Dogs are very sensitive to pressure on the head and neck. When they feel pressure they automatically pull in the direction of the pressure and it is very difficult to stop this.

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