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What are cat kisses

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Cat kisses are a means of greeting between two cats. They are done by rubbing noses, licking, and sometimes purring.

What is catnip?

Catnip is a herb that cats love to roll around in, roll on, and play with. It is a product of the mint family that is used in cat toys and treats.

What is the point of the ears?

The ears are for balance and awareness.

What is the head shape like?

The head shape is very well known in cats. It is a "V" shape, with the top of the head wider in relation to the sides.

How much do cats weigh?

It depends on the cat. Some weigh less than 7 pounds while others are over 20 pounds. There are differences in the breed of cat, as well.

What is a "Clowder?"

A "Clowder" is a group of cats that live together to play and socialize.

What is a "Clowder" of cats like?

It is a great way for the cat to get exercise and play with other cats.

What is a "Clowder" for?

What is a "Clowder" called?

What is a "Clowder" of cats called?

Can cats get head injuries?

Yes, cats can get head injuries. They can also get injuries to their legs, wrists, tail, and face.

What are some of the dangers to cats?

There are many dangers to cats. They can be crushed by cars, get shot by hunters, or be poisoned. There are also dangers from other cats and dogs.

How can you prevent these dangers?

You can prevent many of these dangers by carrying identification and by keeping your cat indoors.

How can you keep your cat home?

You can keep your cat home by being careful where you leave it, keeping it in a safe place, and by keeping it away from dangerous situations.

How can you keep your cat safe?

You can keep your cat safe by being careful where you leave it, keeping it in a safe place, and by keeping it away from dangerous situations.

What is the most dangerous thing for a cat?

The most dangerous thing for a cat is cars and other vehicles. They do not see them coming, and can be crushed.

What should you do when your cat is injured?

You should do two things: first, keep your cat calm and quiet, and second, get help from your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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What is feline tooth resorption? Tooth resorption happens when odontoclasts, cells in the cat’s mouth, gradually destroy the tooth by digesting it at a cellular level. Holes – or lesions – form in the outermost layer of the tooth, sometimes starting in the root, and other times in the visible of the tooth, called the crown. Because tooth resorption can be hidden beneath the gums, you may not be able to see when tooth resorption begins. The only way to detect below-the-gumline lesions on teeth is with x-rays. Your veterinarian can only see this kind of resorptive lesion after it spreads upward into the... Read more

High blood pressure occurs often in senior cats and can lead to blindness due to retinal bleeding or detachment caused by the condition. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can be caused by kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and heart disease. Unfortunately, a cat’s sudden blindness is often the first indication of hypertension that owners notice in their feline pets. Read more

An excellent review on periodontal disease and feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS) has been published (Perry and Tutt 2015), and this cautions that severe gingivitis in a cat infected with FCV does not automatically provide for a diagnosis of FCGS. The inflammation in FCGS, by definition, extends Read more

Test 3- vocabulary (food - eating). Ex.1. fill in the words with the missing letters. 1 It’s a kind of meat: s s e. 2 It’s very popular in Italy: p t . 3 It’s small and white and has a strong smell: g l . 4 Carrots, beans and potatoes are all v t l . 5 It’s yellow and some people put it on hot dogs: m t . Read more

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