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What are cat scale collector cards worth

Cat scale collector cards are rare and valuable. Most cat scale collector cards that you see for sale have been counterfeited. For example, some versions of the Lil' Cat scale collector cards are the same as the Lil' Cat basic figure, but without the collector cards.

Are cat scale collector cards worth more than other toys?

Yes. Cat scale collector cards are more valuable than other toys, but not more valuable than a lot of other toys at the same price point.

How many cat scale collector cards are available?

There are many different varieties of cat scale collector cards. Some of the most common include:

Lil' Cat

Crazy Cat

Big Cat

Both of these scales are available in the following quantities:

Lil' Cat - 1,000

Crazy Cat - 2,500

Big Cat - 2,500

If you're looking to buy cat scale collector cards, the best place to find them is eBay.

In the past, we've seen cat scale collector cards sold for anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00. We've also seen non-cat scale collectible cards sold for $20.00.

Are cat scale collector cards worth more than other collectible cards?

Yes. Cat scale collector cards are more valuable than other collectible cards.

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