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Cat scales are a group of arthropods belonging to the order Cheiracanthidea, which includes insect-like arachnids and the other group of arachnids, the myriapods (centipedes and millipedes). Cat scales are a part of a group known as the myriapods.

The word myriapod is derived from the Greek word myrios, which means “a small animal”.

Cat scales are closely related to centipedes and millipedes, but they have only one pair of legs and a single pair of antennae. They are very similar to arachnids, but they are arachnids, not insects.

What do cat scales eat?

Cat scales tend to be predators. They hunt insects, worms and other small animals. They are not as much a predator as a scavenger. They will eat anything they can catch, but they are not very selective, and will eat whatever they can find.

They will often hunt for food at night and during the early morning and late afternoon hours.

What are the different kinds of cat scales?

There are many different kinds of cat scales.

When we say “cat scales”, we are referring to the group of arthropods known as the Cheiracanthidea.

There are two main groups of cheiracanthids. The first is the myriapods, which includes the millipedes and centipedes. The second group is the arachnids, which includes the spiders and scorpions.

The main groups of cheiracanthids include:

Linyphiidae (spider-like);

Brachyceridae (centipede-like);

Chilopodidae (centipede-like);

Scutigeridae (scorpion-like);

Eupnoiidae (centipede-like);

Lampyridae (spider-like);

Mymaridae (centipede-like);

Adelidae (centipede-like)

The two main groups of cheiracanthids include:

Myriapods (centipede-like);

Arachnids (spider-like).

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