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What are cat tongues made of

They're made of keratin, like fingernails and hair.

It's really the same protein that makes hair and nails.

This is an example of one of the new cat tongues, with a different section of keratin.

It looks a bit like a cobra's tongue.

What do cats lick?

Lots of different things.

When cats are hunting, they'll sometimes bite prey and then lick it.

They'll also lick their paws, which helps them keep their claws clean.

They'll lick their ears and their faces, probably because they're grooming themselves.

And sometimes they'll lick their food.

(Image: PA)

What do cats smell with their tongues?

Some cats have scent organs in their mouths, which are like little tubes in their mouths.

These smell when they're around their prey, which helps them find it.

The scent organs in a cat's mouth are sometimes called Jacobson's organs.

What do cats see with their tongues?

Cats have special light-sensitive cells in their eyes which help them see in very low light.

These cells are very sensitive to blue wavelengths of light, so cats will often lick things which reflect blue light, like blue cheese and blue glass.

What's so special about the way cats' tongues work?

It's a really clever design.

Tongues are great for cleaning things because they're so flexible, so they can reach all the hard to reach places.

And they're really good for tasting things because their tongues are sensitive to different tastes and textures.

What changes in a cat's tongue?

A cat's tongue will be different things depending on the season.

In the summer, it's often more curly and thicker.

In the winter, it's often flatter and more blunt.

And it'll be different things depending on what they're eating.

Some cats have softer tongues, which are good for eating things that are slimy or slimy-textured.

What do cats like to gnaw on?

Cats like to gnaw on things that are hard.

They'll gnaw on things like bones and cardboard boxes.

They'll also gnaw on things that are soft, like your hands or your knitting.

They'll also gnaw on things that are uncomfortable, like your pillow or your shoes.

They'll even gnaw on things that aren't there, like your washing machine or your car.

What do cats chew on?

A cat's teeth are really strong.

And their teeth are really sharp, so they can easily chew through things.

The average cat has around 100 teeth, and they all have a purpose.

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