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What is the world's largest cat

It's not actually the the world's largest cat - that would be the puma (aka mountain lion). It is, however, the world's heaviest.

Here are a few that are pretty close to the largest cat on the planet:

• The domestic cat is equivalent to a small dog, weighing in at 3 - 5kg (6 - 11lb).

• The lion weighs in at 4 - 6.6kg (9 - 13lb).

• The tiger weighs in at 7 - 11kg (15 - 24lb).

• The jaguar weighs in at 8 - 22kg (18 - 47lb).

• The leopard weighs in at 9 - 11kg (20 - 23lb).

• The clouded leopard weighs in at 16 - 21kg (35 - 45lb).

• The puma weighs in at 18 - 32kg (40 - 70lb).

• The cheetah weighs in at 20 - 24kg (44 - 50lb).

Which animals are the largest?

The largest animal is the blue whale, which weighs in at approximately 150 tonnes (330,000 lbs).

The largest land animal is the African elephant which weighs in at 5 tonnes (11,000 lbs).

The largest fish is a whale shark which weighs in at 20 tonnes (44,000 lbs).

Which animals are the smallest?

The smallest animal on the planet is the pygmy shrew which weighs in at 2 grams (0.07oz).

The smallest land animal is the shrew which weighs in at about 20 grams (0.7oz).

The smallest fish is the zebrafish which weighs in at a whopping 1 gram (0.04oz).

The smallest reptile is the dwarf gecko which weighs in at around 1 gram (0.04oz).

The smallest mammal is the pygmy rabbit which weighs in at 0.14 grams (0.0059oz).

The smallest bird is the bumblebee bat which weighs in at 0.05 grams (0.0019oz).

The smallest amphibian is the trogon, which weighs in at 0.06 grams (0.0024oz).

The smallest reptile is the pygmy skink which weighs in at 0.04 grams (0.01oz).

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