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What age do cats start spraying

About 3 weeks old.

When do cats stop spraying?

About 8 weeks old.

Why does my cat spray?

There are many reasons but the most common cause is a medical problem.

A medical problem? What medical problems could cause my cat to spray?

Urine blocks and stones can cause the cat to begin to spray in an effort to urinate. Some cats that have urinary tract infections will begin spraying when they feel pain. Other cats that are being treated for urinary tract infections may begin spraying as a response to the treatment.

Cats can also begin to spray when they see other cats in the house or when they feel threatened.

How do I know if my cat has a urinary tract infection?

If your cat has sudden onset of frequent urination or has blood in the urine, you may have a urinary tract infection. The urine will be cloudy or have a strong odor.

What is the treatment for a urinary tract infection?

The best way to treat a urinary tract infection is to keep the cat from urinating until the infection is gone.

If I keep my cat from urinating, will he/she stop spraying?

No. The behavior will become more severe and the cat will begin spraying more often. The cat will also begin to associate the spraying with the time it is prevented from urinating.

How do I help my cat stop spraying?

The best way to help your cat is to provide a litterbox that is easily accessible, has a cover and is located away from the cat’s hiding places. Also make sure the box is in a room that is quiet and dark. If your cat has a problem with urinating in the house, find a quiet, private place where the cat can relieve itself away from the family.

How can I help my cat learn to use the litterbox?

It is important that you provide the opportunity for your cat to use the litterbox.

Steps to take:

1. Remove the cat’s hiding places.

2. Keep the area quiet and dark.

3. Use the litterbox.

4. Keep the area quiet and dark.

5. The cat will begin to associate the litterbox with the time it is prevented from urinating.

6. Repeat steps 1-5.

7. Slowly add more time between visits to the litterbox.

How do I get my cat to stop spraying?

It is important that you find a medical cause for your cat’s spraying.

If the medical problem is gone, the spraying should stop.

Does the spraying stop?

Yes, the spraying usually stops after the medical problem is gone.

Will the spraying stop?

Usually, yes.

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