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What age should cats be let outside

The cat's age will determine how long they should be let outside. If the cat is young, they should be let out to play only when supervised. If they are older, they should be let out only when the weather is nice.

What can I do when my cat ends up outside?

If you are concerned about your cat going outside, a good solution is to provide them with a cat run or cat condo. These are designed to allow cats to feel secure when outside. Cat furniture is also an option, however this is not recommended as cats can easily chew the covers.

How do I change the cat litter in my outdoor cat run?

Cats are very clean animals and will often leave a spotless litter tray. However, if your cat does have an accident, it is important to remove the soiled litter box and wash it out. This can be done by rinsing out the litter box with a strong disinfectant such as Lysol. After this, if the cat is still not using the box, you can use a tissue to scoop away the soiled litter and replace it with clean litter.

Can cats be allergic to dog hair?

Cats can develop an allergy to dog hair. If the cat's fur becomes matted with dog hair, you should take the cat to the vet immediately.

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