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What age to fix cats

Cats have a much longer life expectancy than dogs. This means that cats do not need to be fixed until they are at least eight years old. Cats over this age will not be able to give a worthwhile contribution to the colony.

How to fix a cat?

The cost of fixing a cat is the same as for a dog. The cat will be kept in the same way for approximately two weeks. During this time it will be fed the same food that is fed to the rest of the colony. The cat will be fixed with a single dose of Fixation and Sterilisation solution. The cat will then be returned to the colony.

How often to fix a cat?

It is important that cats are fixed as this is the only way to ensure that the colony is free of any unwanted kittens. It is not possible to tell if a cat is old enough to be fixed. In the past it has been common practice to fix some cats at age 3 and others at age 6. This is not the case any more. All cats should be fixed within their first year of life.

Should cats be fixed in a public place?

Cats can be fixed in any public place, but it is more convenient to do this in a private home.

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