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The Incredible Mr. Kite

"I wonder if that Mr. Kite is really as good as he looks," said the Rabbit. "I don't believe he can fly at all."

"Oh, yes," replied the Fox. "He's the best flier in the world."

"Then he must be very hungry," said the Rabbit.

"He's always hungry," said the Fox. "He's always flying up and down and round and round, and he never stops eating."

"That's what I believe," said the Rabbit. "I believe he's a very hungry bird."

The next day the Rabbit was feeling very hungry, so he said to the Fox, "Are you going to Mr. Kite's again, Fox?"

"Yes, I am, Rabbit," said the Fox.

"I'm going too," said the Rabbit.

"Well, I hope you'll have a good time," said the Fox. "I'm looking forward to having some dinner with Mr. Kite."

"I'm looking forward to it too," said the Rabbit. "I think I'll ask Mr. Kite to take me flying with him."

"Oh, don't do that, Rabbit," said the Fox. "You might fall out of the sky and break a leg."

"I don't think I'll do that," said the Rabbit. "I think I'll ask Mr. Kite to take me up with him."

"I'm glad you feel that way," said the Fox. "I was afraid you'd ask him to take you up, and then you might fall down and break your neck. You'd better ask him to take you up, and then you can fall down and break your neck."

"Oh, I think I'll ask him to take me up," said the Rabbit.

He ran to Mr. Kite's house and said to the Kite, "I want you to take me flying with you, Mr. Kite."

"Why, certainly," said the Kite. "Where do you wish to go?"

"I don't know," replied the Rabbit. "Just take me up."

"Very well," said the Kite. "Come on then."

They started to fly away, but the Rabbit did not like to go very high up. He said to the Kite, "I wish you would take me to the ground."

"Why, of course," said the Kite. "I'll take you to the ground whenever you wish.

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