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Who are the mice? Which is the cat? Whose house is this? Whose house is this?”

“Owen, dear,” said Mrs. Grose, in a soothing way, “or I’ll take off your head. Don’t act up like that. Go to sleep now.”

“I don’t want to go to sleep,” said Owen, scrambling on his pillow. “Not if I can ask questions. I’m not a baby.”

“Well,” said Mrs. Grose, “that’s the best of it. You’re a well-behaved boy. But you’d better be quiet, sweet-heart.”

Owen didn’t answer. He was thinking of the cat. What was it like? He could see it in his mind’s eye, but it didn’t look like any cat he had ever seen before. It was bigger than most cats, and it had a very long tail. It was white, like everything else in the room, but it had a golden tip to its tail.

“What’s the cat?” he asked, after a silence, in a whisper.

“Owen, dear,” said Mrs. Grose, “I know you want to ask questions, but you mustn’t interrupt me when I’m teaching you. You’ll lose your place. Go to sleep now.”

“But I have to ask questions,” said Owen.

“Well,” said Mrs. Grose, “you can’t ask questions while you’re asleep.”

“I can’t?” said Owen. He couldn’t understand it at all.

“No,” said Mrs. Grose. “You can’t.”

“But I have to.”

“We’ll see about that,” said Mrs. Grose, with a stern look. “Go to sleep.”

“I’m not tired,” said Owen. “I want to ask questions.”

“Well,” said Mrs. Grose, “I mustn’t be interrupted. You must wait until morning.”

“I’m not sleepy,” said Owen.

“You must be,” said Mrs. Grose. She turned her head away from him, as if she didn’t want to see him.

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Dying cats will become withdrawn and irritable, unprovoked aggression may become more common, the cat’s appetite will change, and it’ll spend more time hiding or become clingy as it feels afraid. Heavy breathing, seizures, lower body temperatures, and an unkempt appearance are other signs. We don’t like to think about it, but cats live comparatively short lives compared to humans. A cat aged 15 or over is considered geriatric. Inevitably, illness and the ravages of age will start to take their toll. Understanding a dying cat’s behavior means that you can provide love and support, enabling your cat... Read more

If your female cat isn’t spayed and she periodically meows excessively, she may be in heat at those times. Female cats in heat typically become increasingly affectionate, rub against you more, purr, roll around on the floor—and meow a lot. This lasts four to ten days. An unspayed female cat who isn’t bred by (doesn’t have sex with) a male... Read more

What is a cat. by James Donovan (Seabeck, Wa. USA). A cat is a special gift from God just a simple ball of fur who will let you know he's happy when he thanks you with his purr. He will cuddle in your arms for warmth and sometimes lick your hand or ignore you and just walk away he knows you'll understand. He has a special language that he uses now and then to let you know just what he wants and how and where and when. Read more

The prank is that person A begins to feel insecure or uncomfortable about what they have said, because the phrase, "I know what THAT means" gives the impression that person B misunderstood what was said (i.e. thinks it has a sexual meaning, or thinks they're lying about something). Read more

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