All about cats

What breed of cat is mog

Mog is a cat.

How old is mog?

Mog is three years old.

Where was mog born?

Mog was born in Russia.

Where is mog's home?

Mog's home is a village in Russia.

Where does mog like to sleep?

Mog likes to sleep in the open air.

How does mog like to be held?

Mog likes to be held by the tail.

What does mog like to eat?

Mog likes to eat tuna and salmon.

What does mog eat for breakfast?

Mog eats tuna and salmon for breakfast.

How does mog behave?

Mog behaves very well.

How is mog's fur?

Mog's fur is jet black.

What is mog's favourite toy?

Mog's favourite toy is a ball.

What is mog's favourite game?

Mog's favourite game is to chase a ball.

Mog likes to sleep in a shady place.

Where does mog like to play?

Mog likes to play in the garden.

What do mog's parents do?

Mog's parents are very kind.

How old is mog's grandfather?

Mog's grandfather is old.

How old is mog's grandmother?

Mog's grandmother is old.

How old is mog's father?

Mog's father is very old.

How old is mog's mother?

Mog's mother is very old.

How old is mog's cousin?

Mog's cousin is very old.

How old is mog's sister?

Mog's sister is very old.

Who is mog's cousin?

Mog's cousin is a cat.

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