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What can i use to clean my cat's eyes

My cat has a few bumps on his left eye, what can i use to clean it and make it feel better.

How to get rid of a brown spot on my cat's eye?

I have a kitten. The vet said it's a birthmark. The vet said to keep it covered with a bandaid to prevent infection. I can't afford to keep buying bandaids. What can I use to keep the area covered so he doesn't scratch it? He's really cute. I don't want to give him up.

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Not all cats like catnip, but some do. Catnip is like Kitty Coffee - it makes them have lots of energy and run around rolling all over it. Some cats almost get drunk on catnip. Also, kittens just love chasing things all over the place. Playing helps them learn hunting skills like pouncing and chasing. Read more

People like A _ care of these naughty medium creatures with tails. If you have ever had a cat, you should know its behaviour and signs to understand it. Cats use the voice to show their emotions. They can have a long conversation with you or just pitch the meow to attract your attention. Read more

The condition is most commonly found in epistatic white cats that have one eye in blue and the other being orange, yellow, copper, hazel or green. Turkish vans, Turkish angoras and Japanese bobtails seem most prone to being odd eyed. Persians, sphinxes and Oriental shorthairs are also prone to... Read more

Dandruff is a superficial fungal infection and can spread by sharing a comb. However, please note that it cannot spread if you simply sit next to a person who suffers from dandruff. Though, you might feel uncomfortable sitting next to a person with flakes on his/her shirt, you’ll never get dandruff by merely... Read more

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