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What does a grey cat mean

"I think it's a bit of a myth that cats are a different colour to grey," says Dr Juliet Clifton, senior lecturer in biochemistry at the University of Birmingham. "They are actually a grey colour which is why it's called 'silver-grey' in the first place."

Grey cats are not always old or ill and many grey cats are perfectly healthy and happy. "It's not just old cats that are grey, because many of them are the colour of the house," explains Dr Clifton. "If the cat is grey then it might have been an indoor cat, because most grey cats are indoor cats."

"In many cases the cat's coat is not grey but they are a different colour to the house, so it's not an indication that the cat is sick or old," she continues. "In fact, many cats are really happy as they are a bit of a novelty and can get a lot of attention."

During the summer months, when the sunlight is more intense and the cats' fur is at its longest, many cats lose their natural grey coat colour. The pale grey colour that they have during this time is not always the same as their usual coat colour.

"In some cases, the cat's coat is at its greyest in the summer, and it's not a sign that the cat is sick or old," says Dr Clifton. "Many cats are naturally a pale grey colour, but it is not unusual for them to go greyish in the summer."

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Cats - What are the different types of cat?

There are many different types of cat and it helps to know about them in order to keep any cat happy.

Sporting cats

Sporting or hunting cats are very independent and intelligent. They are very independent cats, and are used for hunting, and fighting.

These cats are not really suited to life in the home because they are not very happy to be indoors a lot of the time, and they need to be kept in a large enclosure.

They are very good at hunting, and are a good companion for a person who is a good hunter.

Cats - Persians

Persians are considered to be the most beautiful cats in the world. They are very intelligent and are good companions for people who will give them enough attention.

These are very good cats for a person who is looking for a companion animal, as they are friendly and affectionate.

Sporting cats are not suited to life in the home, because they are not very happy to live with people indoors a lot of the time. They need to be kept in a large enclosure.

Cats - Exotic cats

Exotic cats are the next most popular cat breed in the world.

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