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What does a male cat look like after being neutered

When a male cat is neutered, the veterinarian will remove the testicles and the vas deferens (the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles to the urethra, through which the sperm is ejaculated).

How does a male cat get neutered?

The first step in neutering a cat is to examine the cat to make sure he is healthy enough for surgery. He will be examined in a veterinary setting to make sure he is healthy, and to determine if he has any health issues that might be complicated by anesthesia or the surgery.

After this examination, your veterinarian will discuss the options for neutering with you.

How will I know if my cat is healthy enough to be neutered?

Your veterinarian will check your cat's temperature, weight, and general health throughout the day. Also, a radiograph (X-ray) will be done to make sure there are no problems with the bones.

A complete blood count (CBC) may be done to check the general health of your cat. This test will check the red and white blood cells, and check for infection in the blood.

The cat will be given an injection of xylazine (or similar anesthetic that can be given orally), and then placed on a surgical table. A needle will be inserted into the scrotum and into the vas deferens, which will be tied off. The cat will be anesthetized and then the testicles will be removed.

A small cut will be made to the skin on the scrotum so that the skin can be closed. The incision will be closed with stitches.

After the surgery, the cat will be monitored for several hours in the veterinary hospital.

Will my cat be able to urinate normally after being neutered?

When the testicles are removed, the urethra closes up and no more urine will be able to be passed out of the penis.

However, the urethra is not completely closed. As the cat heals, several small openings (pores) will remain.

The size of these openings will vary from cat to cat. Pores are normal and will not affect the cat's ability to urinate normally.

How long will it take my cat to recover from being neutered?

A male cat will usually be able to return to his normal activities within a few days after surgery. He may be a little groggy for several days, but will have full use of his muscles and be able to feel pain.

How do I care for my cat after he has been neutered?

The incision will be closed with stitches, and the cat's incision will be covered with a bandage and a waterproof dressing.

The bandage will have to be changed daily, and the incision will need to be cleaned daily.

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