All about cats

What does it mean when a cat's nose is wet

It means the cat has just finished drinking. Cats can drink for a long time and still not be satisfied.

When do cats sneeze?

Cats sneeze to help them clear their nasal passages. Some cats don't sneeze, they "trickle."

Why do cats scratch?

Cats scratch because they want to remove the dead skin cells from the pads of their paws. Scratching also helps cats keep their claws sharp so that they can hunt better.

What is a cat's favorite place to sleep?

Cats usually sleep in a sleeping place that is one step away from the litter box.

Why do cats roll in dead animals?

Cats roll in dead animals because they want to mark their territory.

What is a cat's favorite toy?

Cats like toys that move but don't make noise.

Why do cats lick themselves?

Cats lick themselves to keep their skin clean. They also lick their paws because they have a lot of hair there.

Why does a cat's eyes look funny?

Cats have a lot of blood vessels in their eyes. When the blood vessels are stretched, the cat's eyes look funny.

Why do cats like to sleep upside down?

Cats sleep upside down because it makes it easier for them to get to the litter box.

Why does a cat walk on its toes?

Cats walk on their toes to keep their claws sharp.

Why do cats go to the bathroom outside?

Cats go to the bathroom outside because they want the world to know they are using the bathroom.

Why do cats like to climb?

Cats like to climb because they like to look at birds and trees.

What do cats like to catch?

Cats like to catch mice and birds.

Why do cats like to eat fish head first?

Cats like to eat fish head first because they can't see what is inside the fish.

Why do cats like to eat fish that have a lot of bones?

Cats like to eat fish that have a lot of bones because it keeps them busy.

Why do cats like to play with bubbles?

Cats like to play with bubbles because they like to hear the bubbles.

Why do cats like to play with water?

Cats like to play with water because they like to hear the water run.

Why do cats like to play with paper bags?

Cats like to play with paper bags because they like to shred the paper.

Why do cats like to roll in dead bugs?

Cats like to roll in dead bugs because it helps them mark their territory.

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