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What happens when a cat is in heat

When a female cat enters heat, her hormones go into overdrive. She will become more sexually aggressive to males as well as more “attractive” to females. This is the time of the year when she will seek out male cats to mate with. She will be very affectionate and be a lot more vocal. Her nipples will become erect and her urine will change to a stronger, more pungent smell.

Does a cat in heat become pregnant?

No. Cats are not “pregnant” during heat, nor do they have a “period”. They don’t ovulate, and they are not getting pregnant.

Can a cat give birth during heat?

Yes. When a female cat enters heat, it is not uncommon that she will become pregnant while in heat. The kits will be born very early in the season, at the beginning of fall or early spring.

How can I tell if my cat is in heat?

Cats do not advertise that they are in heat. The best way to tell if your cat is in heat is to observe her behavior. Her behavior will change when she is in heat, and you will be able to tell when she is in heat by the following behaviors:

She will be more affectionate than usual

She becomes very vocal and vocalizes more than normal

She may begin to scratch and bite at her ears

When she urinates, the urine will have a stronger smell

She may start to rub against you more than normal

She may begin to “mark” her territory by spraying urine around her litter box

How long does a cat stay in heat?

Cats usually stay in heat for a period of 2 to 8 weeks.

How long do cats take to come in heat?

It depends on the individual cat. It can take several cycles for a cat to come into heat. Some cats are more consistent and tend to come into heat more smoothly.

What can I do to help my cat come into heat?

If you have a female cat that is in heat, then you will need to do the following:

Do not allow your cat to come into contact with other cats or males.

Do not let your cat out of the house for any reason.

Do not allow your cat to roam outside of your home.

Do not allow your cat to roam around outside of her litter box.

If possible, keep her indoors or in a room that has no windows or doors.

How can I make my cat come into heat?

There are several ways that you can help your cat come into heat:

Placing your cat in a room that is dark and quiet.

Using a “heat” lamp at her litter box.

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