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What time is it cat

” I asked.

“It is fifteen minutes past ten,” said the cat.

“I see,” said I. “I suppose you have finished your milk.”

“Now I have,” said the cat, “and I am going to bed.”

“You are a clever cat,” said I, “and it was very good of you, after you had done your milk, to sit up so late, and wait for me.”

“It was nothing,” said the cat. “I sat up late last night.”

“And this morning too, I suppose.”

“Yes,” said the cat. “I sat up very early this morning.”

“And now you have waited for me here, when you might have been in bed, till within ten minutes of eleven o’clock.”

“It is of no consequence,” said the cat. “I like to sit up late. It is not often that I have such an opportunity. You see I am a cat that likes sitting up late.”

“I am glad to hear it,” said I. “And now, good-night.”

“Good-night,” said the cat. “It is a long time since I had such a pleasant sleep.”

“And a long time since any one had such a nice talk with you,” said I.

“It is not often that any one does have such a pleasant talk with me,” said the cat.

“Well, good-night,” said I, shaking hands with the cat.

“Good-night,” said the cat. “If you are a friend of mine, you will come and see me at the same time to-morrow night, and have another nice talk about the long and the short of it.”

“That I will,” said I.

The cat went back to the drawing-room, and I went up stairs to bed. The cat was right, a long and a short story of a cat are not often to be met with.

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