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What to do if a cat follows you home

If your pet is following you home, try to keep the situation calm as possible. The following steps will keep your cat from getting too excited and will help you to get your pet back in the house.

Keep a cat carrier in your car and have it ready. Most cats are quite willing to go back in the carrier. Less so, if you are getting them on the bus or train. If your cat is not initially willing, try to distract him. You can place a cat treat in the carrier and try to get him interested in the treat. Try to make it his favorite treat. If he is not interested in the treat, try another.

Use a food lure to get your cat in. It could be a small piece of chicken, or a small piece of cheese, or a small piece of meat. Put the treat in a plastic baggie and put it in the carrier. It will make it smell like home! If your cat is not interested in this, try to distract him to make him interested in the treat.

If you are going to the vet, distract your cat to make him calm.

If your cat is getting too excited, or you feel like he is getting nervous, tell someone to stay with your cat while you go to the vet. If your cat starts to cry, tell the person to put him in a box or crate and keep him there until you get home.

If you feel that your cat is still too excited, or if you feel like he is getting too nervous, get him into a carrier, and take him to the vet.

What to do if your cat has been hit by a car?

Sometimes a cat is hit by a car, and it discovers that it can run from its owners. When this happens, the cat may run into the highway or on the street, and it may look lost and/or injured.

If your cat is on the street, you should not move him. It is dangerous to move a cat who is on the street. Take him to a vet if he is injured. If he is not injured, and he is able to move, he may have had a shock, which means that he needs some time to recover. He may be in pain and scared.

If your cat was in a car, he may have had a shock, and he may be in pain and scared. Take him to a vet.

What to do if your cat is injured and in pain?

If your cat has been hit by a car, or has been injured in some way, take him to the vet to have him checked out. If he has been hit by a car, he may have had a shock. He may be in pain and scared.

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