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What to do with cats ashes

This is a very personal question for many people, but as a general rule, we recommend that you do not bury cats ashes. The cats remains should be placed in a cat urn or a niche near an entrance of the house. If you want to bury the ashes, you should get in touch with an animal crematorium. Here, you can find a list of crematoriums in our website.

Why do cats have the ability to communicate?

Cat rabies is a terrible disease that kills thousands of people every year. Some people believe that the reason why cats have the ability to communicate is to warn the other cats against being bitten by the dead bodies. But there is no scientific evidence of this.

Can cats hear?

No, cats cannot hear. Cats are deaf, therefore they cannot hear anything, even the sound of their food.

Are cats telepathic?

No, cats do not have this ability. Cats are very sensitive to the electromagnetic field, but they cannot read the thoughts of others.

How do cats feel when they are being touched?

Cats are very sensitive to touch. They do not like when people touch their ears, legs, tail and paws, because it is very painful for them.

Why did cats have four toes?

This is a very interesting question. Some people believe that cats have four toes because they are descended from a species of animals that lived in the forests where it was hard to climb trees.

Why do cats love water?

Cats love water because they were domesticated by humans. When people first brought cats to the Middle East, they used them to hunt rodents and other small animals in the fields, and they were very good at it. Besides, cats love to play in water. They like to bathe, drink and play in it.

Why do cats sleep with their eyes open?

Cats sleep with their eyes open because they are very sensitive to the light. Their eyes are very small, so they can see much better in darkness.

Do cats dream?

No, cats do not dream. Cats do not sleep, but they are very sensitive to light.

Can cats see their reflection in the water?

Yes, cats can see their reflection in the water. But this is not a very good thing for them, because they can get very dizzy.

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