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What did house cats evolve from

House cats evolved from domestic cats. The domestic cat is a natural hybrid of the African wildcat and the Asian leopard cat. This hybrid would have likely been domesticated before the Egyptian empire.

Domestic cat

African wildcat

Asian Leopard Cat

What is the difference between a house cat and a domestic cat?

The domestic cat is bred to be docile and generally easier to care for than the wild cat.

Is a house cat a domestic cat?

A house cat is a domesticated cat that was bred to be docile, and easier to care for than a wild cat.

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For you and the cat’s safety, it is best to call for professionals to deal with the situation. Until proper testing is done, one can’t be sure if the animal is free from diseases like rabies which pose a serious threat to humans. Once in custody, you can help the cat by visiting them often once. Donating some supplies such as blankets and a litter box would be a great way to help as well. Once fully recovered and tested for any diseases, fostering cats until they find a forever home is a possibility. Who knows, you might find a furry friend that you’d like to adopt yourself! Read more

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Below is an overview of Cataracts in Cats followed by some detailed and in-depth information about the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. There are many causes of cataracts. Cataracts may be inherited or related to some other disease process. Most cataracts in the cat develop secondary to Read more

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