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What are cats doing when they lick themselves

Cats lick themselves all the time. Many cats rub up against objects they like and then lick their paws. They also sometimes lick their ears, face and paws.

Why do cats lick their paws?

Cats lick their paws to remove excess hair or dirt and to keep them clean. Clean paws help cats feel and smell nice.

Why do cats lick their ears, face and paws?

Cats lick their ears, face and paws because they like the taste and smell of their own scent. Cats also clean their ears, face and paws to remove excess hair and dirt. Clean, nice-smelling ears, face and paws help cats feel and smell nice.

Why do cats lick their fur?

Cats lick their fur because it feels good. If they don't like the taste or smell of the fur, they could use their tongue to clean it.

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