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What are cats prey

Cats are carnivores, which means that they have very sharp teeth and claws. Their prey are small animals such as mice, birds, and insects.

However, cats are not only predators, they are also prey for other animals. They are prey for wild animals such as bears, wolves, and foxes. They can also become prey for other carnivorous animals such as snakes, hawks, and eagles.

Why do cats wake up at night?

Cats are nocturnal animals, which means they like to hunt at night. Cats have very good vision, and they can see in the dark.

When cats are active and hunting, they may not feel tired, so they stay awake until they feel the need to sleep.

Why can’t I see my cat’s eyes in the dark?

Cats do not have eyelids, and they cannot blink in the dark. Cats can see in the dark, but they cannot see in the light.

Cats do not have eyelids because their eyelids would be in the way when they see in the light.

Do cats have a sense of smell?

Cats have a very good sense of smell. They can smell their prey in the dark.

Do cats drink water?

Cats do not drink water because they do not have the necessary equipment to drink water.

Do cats have a sense of taste?

Cats have a good sense of taste, but they do not have a sense of smell.

Do cats have whiskers?

Cats have two whiskers on each side of their faces. They use these whiskers to feel their way around in the dark.

Why do cats sleep on their backs?

Cats sleep on their backs because they need to sleep with their heads in the air. This is because their noses are very sensitive to the air.

Why do cats stretch before they sleep?

Cats stretch before they sleep because they want to be able to jump onto something when they wake up.

Why do some cats sleep with their tail raised?

Some cats sleep with their tails raised because they feel comfortable that way.

Do cats have eyelashes?

Cats do not have eyelashes because their eyelids are in the way when they sleep.

Do cats blink?

Cats do not blink because they do not have eyelids, and they cannot see in the light.

Do cats have teeth?

Cats have teeth, and they use them to hunt.

Do cats have hair?

Cats have hair, but they do not have fur. Cats’ fur is very soft, but it is not curly.

Do cats have fur?

Cats have fur, which is very soft and very warm.

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