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What does it mean if your cat stares at you

Are they thinking of doing something you didn't want them to do?

Cats look at you and at things in a very different way than we do. Cats see us as prey and so it is often in our best interest to do what they want.

If you are planning on introducing a new cat to an established cat, make sure you have the new cat on a leash and have the leash attached to something in the room where the cats can see each other. This way the new cat can see what the established cat is doing.

How can you tell if your cat is plotting to hurt you?

Cats have the ability to see and predict our moods. Sometimes they will be able to interpret our moods correctly and they will plan accordingly. I have been known to find myself in a situation where I am deciding what to do. I am not in that room, but I can see myself in the room and I know what I would want to do.

I think that this is why cats are so good at hunting. They can see our actions. They are able to understand what we want.

Some cats will try to get us to a certain point, then they will wait until they think the time is right, and then they will strike.

This waiting and planning is why I don't like to have a cat in the room with me when I am working on a computer at my desk. I have been known to have them on my lap when I am working on the computer or looking at the screen.

Why do cats like to play with string?

Cats love to play with string. They will chase it and bat it with their paws and their tails.

Some cats like to pick up the string and shake it and then throw the string around. I have a cat who loves to chase the string. He will chase it and catch it, and then pull it back, and then shake it and throw it at me.

I have a cat that likes to play with string and then run up to a stick and pull the string out and then run around the room shaking it. I am thinking that he is trying to teach himself how to use a stick.

Cats like to play with any type of string. They will chase string and bat it away with their paws, they will pick it up and shake it, and they will run around the room with it, and they will pull it out of sticks.

Why do cats like to lay under things?

Cats like to be close to things that move, water, air currents, and small animals. They like to be close to us and will often lie under our legs or our beds. They like to be close to us because it feels like home.

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Cats may also have an episodic memory. This is a specific type of long term memory that allows cats to remember certain events, situations, and experiences. This means your cat can remember reflections of the sun dancing on a specific part of a specific wall at a specific time of day. So if your cat stares at the same wall at the same time of day, they may just... Read more

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From the other side, when cats stare at you gently and feels itself calm and peaceful without any aggressive sights, it means this cat knows that you are a friend and likes you. Try to analyze cat’s body language. Anyway, in both cases, you should analyze what cat is doing with its ears, its tail and coat as well. Read more

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