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What vaccines do indoor cats need

All cats should have a current Rabies vaccination. This can be given as a single dose, or if your cat is over 4 months of age, it can be given as 3 doses over a period of 6 months.

Heating pads and hot water bottles should be used for treating minor ear infections.

Cats with severe or chronic infections require treatment by a veterinarian. In many cases, a veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics.

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How can I keep my cat from scratching?

Keeping a cat from scratching indoors is critical to preventing hair loss, and giving a cat a proper place to scratch indoors can help your cat maintain its coat.

Indoor cats may scratch themselves to the point where their skin breaks and becomes raw.

Different scratching posts can help your cat get a better grip, reduce the amount of damage to their skin, and even help them develop a healthy behavior.

Some cats may also enjoy a good rub down with a washcloth or other fabric item.

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