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What are civet cats

Civet cats are a species of cat found in tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia. The name civet cats is derived from the name of the civet, a small, nocturnal, fur-bearing animal, which is the main source of the cats' expensive perfume. The civet cat is a small, usually reddish, cat with a large head, short legs, and a long, thin body. In fact, the civet cat is the mother of the perfume industry.

The civet cat's body differs from that of other cats. The civet cat has a long, thin body, and the tail is long and thin. The white coat has a reddish color. The ears and tail are very long, and the cat has thin legs. The civet cat has a long, thin nose, and the tail is long and thin.

Civet cats are usually reddish brown, with a white belly. Their fur may be white, gray, brown, or black.

The civet cat's fur is very soft and it has thick, long hair. This cat has large ears and a long, thin tail. The fur has a shiny appearance, and it is dense and soft.

The civet cat's fur is very soft and it has thick, long hair.

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