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What are crystals in cats

Crystal formation can occur in a number of different ways in cats. Some cats will have a buildup of crystals in the ears that resemble a snow flurry on the ear that is caused by the cat rubbing the ear on a fluffy object. The crystals will disappear after the cat licks or cleans the ear.

Other cats will have crystals on the eyelids or in the corners of their eyes. Crystals can also form on the tongue or around the mouth.

Other cats will have crystals in the urethra, which is where the bladder is located.

What are crystals in dogs?

Dogs can have crystals in the ears or in the mouth, which may be mistaken for a toothache. Crystals can also form in the eyes, nose, and anus.

Occasionally, dogs will have crystals on their paws or in the skin folds around the mouth.

What are crystals in horses?

Horses can have crystals in the mouth, nose, and eyes. Some horses will have crystals on the eyelids.

What are crystals in pigs?

Pigs can have crystals in the mouth, which may be mistaken for a toothache. The crystals can also form in the ears, nose, and eyes.

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Sometimes, cats become agitated, lethargic or depressed, either because of their health problems or because of old age. Vets often use mirtazapine to treat these mood problems because of the effects it has on brain chemicals, with the side effects of anti-nausea and increased appetite generally seen as secondary benefits. With felines, this typically is reversed, but because some of them still benefit from the relaxing effects the medication has, veterinarians do occasionally prescribe it to make animals more emotionally comfortable. Read more

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