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What are fillers in cat food

Filler refers to various ingredients that are added to a cat food product without providing any value to the cat. These ingredients are added to make the cat food appear as that it contains a larger amount of food. As a result, the cat will feel full but may not get the amount of nutrition that it needs.

The best example of a filler is hydrolyzed protein. This is a highly processed ingredient that is created by blending the protein from a slaughtered animal with an acid (usually lactic acid) and a water-soluble enzyme. The result is a protein that is broken down into smaller fragments that are easier for cats to digest, but which provides very little nutrition.

Another example of a filler is corn meal, which is a very cheap source of carbohydrate that is often added to cat food to give it a richer appearance. Corn meal is a very poor source of protein and fat and provides little or no nutrition to cats.

This is why it is important that you know what filler ingredients are in your cat food and which ones are not.

How do you know if your cat food has fillers?

If your cat food has a list of ingredients that is more than 5 to 10, then it is likely to contain fillers, as it will be hard to get all of those ingredients from a single source.

If you see a product that has a long list of ingredients, but no meat or other meat-based ingredients, then it is almost certainly a filler product.

Are there fillers and binders in cat food?

Another common ingredient that cats should avoid is protein isolate, which is a purified form of protein that is often used in cat food. This ingredient is very cheap, but it is not very good for cats because it has virtually no nutritional value.

The reason why protein isolate is added to cat food is because cat food manufacturers have a very hard time getting meat-based ingredients to pass through their filtration systems. In order to make it easier for the manufacturer to get these ingredients passed, they often turn to the cheapest non-meat sources.

This means that they will often add an ingredient that is a source of protein, but it is not a meat-based source of protein. This is why protein isolate is added to cat food.

Unfortunately, protein isolate is not a good ingredient for cats, as it is not very easy for cats to digest. This means that cats are more likely to develop allergies to it and it will cause them to become very ill if they eat too much of it.

Do fillers and binders make cat food unhealthy?

It is important to keep in mind that food manufacturers will often use fillers and binders to make cat food more appealing to the consumer.

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