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What are home remedies for fleas on cats

We have found some home remedies that have worked for us. Since it is impossible to eliminate all fleas, using the following home remedies will help reduce the number of fleas on your cat. We have used the following in our experience and have found that they have been successful in reducing the number of fleas on our cats.

Olive Oil. This is a great flea repellent and can be used on cats and dogs. Simply apply a thin coating of olive oil to your cat or pet. You can even put a thin layer on the cat's bedding so that the fleas cannot crawl up on your cat. Just put the olive oil on a clean cloth, then wipe it over your cat's body and fur. Make sure that you get the oily substance in the fleas' eyes, ears and mouth to prevent them from biting.

Vinegar. Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of water. Apply this mixture to your pet's coat once a week. For best results, apply after baths.

Essential Oils. These oils can be used to repel fleas. Try lavender oil or peppermint oil.

Many fleas die from getting too hot. After a bath or shower, rub your pet with a flea comb to remove excessive fleas. Also, to help your pet feel better, rub a little olive oil on your pet's body. Fleas hate the smell of olive oil.

When you bathe your cat, make sure the water is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will kill the fleas.

If you can't treat your home, consider moving it to a flea-free area. If you can't get rid of the fleas in your home, try to keep them out of your cat's environment. If you have pets that run out in the yard, close the door to the yard when you let your cat outside. The fleas will be trapped.

Flea Medicine

There are many flea products on the market today. Most doctors will put you on some type of medicine to treat fleas. Be careful, however, and make sure that you ask your doctor how the medicine works and whether or not it is safe for your cat. Some of the products that are safe for cats are:

Kwell Anti-Flea Spray. This is a spray that contains a flea killing ingredient that you apply to your pet's fur. This spray has been shown to be safe and effective.

Advantage II Top Spot for Cats. This is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that works by preventing fleas from reaching maturity. This product is safe for cats and is effective for three months.

The above are some of the most effective flea products for cats.

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