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What are healthy treats for cats

It is best not to give your cat human food. Some people have claimed to have seen that their cats have turned into another person, or have taken on a new personality. It’s not a good idea. If a cat consumes human food then that cat will become ill, and will eventually die.

Cats are carnivores, and they should be fed meat, not vegetables. They should also be fed raw meat. Some cats like chicken. If you feed your cat chicken, then you need to get some chicken that has been cooked.

Some cats like liver, but that can be dangerous for cats to eat, as it causes an upset stomach and can even kill a cat.

If you give your cat a treat that you cook with, then that is a treat, but that is fine. You can feed them bacon, chicken, beef, or other cooked meats.

You can also give your cat raw meat that you cook yourself. You can buy some raw meat from the supermarket and cook it yourself.

If you want to give your cat a treat, then you can buy some tuna with the skin on.

If you give your cat a raw bone, then you should cut it up. You can also get your cat a raw bone and cut it up, but you need to be careful that you don’t end up with a raw bone in the middle of your house, because that can cause damage to your house, and it can also cause damage to your cat.

You can also get some raw chicken breast, and you can cut it up. You need to be careful that you don’t cut it too small, because your cat will choke.

If you’re a vegetarian, then you can give your cat some meat substitute, like a veggie burger. You can also give your cat some egg substitute, like egg replacer.

Many cats like fish, but you need to be careful with fish. If you give your cat fish, then you need to make sure that the fish you buy from the supermarket is cooked.

You can also give your cat a prepared food, like a vet’s diet.

Another thing that cats like to eat are liver treats. You can get some liver treats at the pet store, but many cats don’t like liver. You can also make some for your cat.

You can also get treats for your cat that contain taurine.

If you want to give your cat a treat, then you can buy some catnip. It’s a herb that comes from the mint family. It’s good for cats.

It’s also good to make your own catnip toys. You can make toys out of cotton, or you can sew them.

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