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What are hairless cats called

The term "hairless" does not mean "hairless" in the same way that "black" does not mean "dark". Hairlessness is a descriptive term. It refers to the absence of hair, and is not a comment on the colour or texture of the hair. It is a useful term to use when describing the appearance of cats, as many breeds are hairless and are described as such.

What is the difference between a hairless cat and a cat that is shaved?

The "hairless" kitties do not have their hair shaved off. They are called "hairless".

What is the difference between a hairless and a shaved cat?

Cats that are shaved are usually shaved to remove their hair for cosmetic reasons. Most of these cats can still groom themselves, but some feel self-conscious about their baldness and may seek to cover it up with clothing.

Will my cat get bald if I shave her?

Cats do not have hair and therefore do not have hair follicles, so they cannot develop a bald spot.

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