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What are long haired cats called

They are known as longhaired cats. Long haired cats are popular. They are even known as Siamese cats since they were brought over to the United States by a Siamese cat.

The long haired cats have shorter fur than the short haired cats.

They are very pretty and they are very friendly.

They are very calm and they are very friendly.

They are very quiet.

They are very pretty.

They are very calm.

They are very friendly.

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Anyone who has searched for 'plants poisonous to cats' online will have seen intimidatingly long lists that seem to rule out nearly all garden plants, and a large proportion of house plants to boot. Our advice is not to panic: the reason why so many common garden and house plants are toxic to cats is because their livers and kidneys have evolved to process only a very limited number of chemicals due to a restricted, meat-only diet (this is also the reason cats should Read more

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