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What are the bumps on my cat's neck

Some cats do have a ridge on the back of their neck, which is called a "bull neck". If your cat has a bull neck, it is common for the fur on their neck to grow tight and will often leave a bump that is also called a "bull neck".

What is it?

It is caused by the enlargement of a muscle (bull neck) and is often seen in older cats. If your cat is a male, he may have a more pronounced bulge on the back of his neck than a female cat.

What causes the enlargement of the muscle?

Over time, the muscle will get enlarged, resulting in a bump in the neck. The muscle is sometimes enlarged as a result of a disease process or injury.

Should I worry?

If your cat is having trouble breathing, get them to a vet.

How can I tell if my cat is having breathing problems?

Cats don't pant like dogs do. Instead, they tend to make a quiet rasping noise, which can be heard when you run your hands across their chest.

Will this affect my cat's behaviour?

No, your cat may not be able to breathe, but they will still be able to eat, drink and be active.

What should I do if I think my cat is having breathing problems?

Call your vet or take your cat to the emergency vet immediately.

How should I take care of my cat if they have breathing problems?

Call your vet to discuss what to do.

What is the lump on my cat's jaw?

There are a few causes of a lump on the jaw:

Nodules (lumps) on the jaw. The nodules may be due to a disease process.

Nodules on the jaw. They are often caused by a growth of the jawbone.

How should I take care of my cat if they have a jaw lump?

What is the lump on my cat's nose?

There are a few causes of a lump on the nose:

The lump is an infection or abscess that has formed.

The lump is caused by a blockage in the nasal passage.

How should I take care of my cat if they have a lump on their nose?

What is the lump on my cat's ear?

There are a few causes of a lump on the ear:

Fungus, dirt, or other foreign object in the ear.

An infection of the ear.

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