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What are pedigree cats

A pedigree cat is a cat whose ancestry is recorded in a paper pedigree, which lists the names of people who have bred the cat. The pedigree provides information about the ancestry of the cat and its pedigree is a record of the history of that line of cats.

A pedigree cat is not the same as a pedigreed cat, which is a cat whose ancestry is recorded on a pedigree.

How can I find out about pedigree cats?

Read a pedigree and learn about the pedigree of your cat. You can also ask your local cat breeder.

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What does catnip do to cats? Many cat owners have experienced the effects of catnip first-hand. Cats affected by catnip roll on the floor—which mimics a female in estrus. Nepetalactone targets protein receptors in the cat’s olfactory epithelium located on the roof of the nasal cavity which activates the same neural pathways as sexual pheromones. Neil B. Todd found 31% of cats are immune to the effects of catnip. Kittens younger than eight weeks old aren’t able to enjoy its effect; in fact, they show an aversion to it. Big cats including lions, tigers, bobcats, jaguars, servals and snow leopards also... Read more

Mmmm inhale deeply. Roses are in full bloom right now. If you're lucky enough to have some rose bushes in your yard or screened porch where your kitty hangs out, you may wonder if roses are toxic to your cat. Owners report they've occasionally caught a kitty licking or munching on their precious rose petals from time to time. Read more

Chocolate is poisonous for dogs, but you still hear stories of a loveable Labrador or daft dachshund sniffing out and devouring a whole family's Read more

94-98 12V engines had a cat converter. 98.5-02 24V engine did not have a cat because it met emissions requirements without the cat. It DID come equipped with a resonator for noise control. The resonator on a 24V gets confused for a cat. 03 and up trucks are equipped with cats due to emissions regulations, so as the song goes, "the cat came back...". Read more

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