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What are rescue cats

Rescue cats are cats that are found and brought to animal shelters, which can be by their owner or by people who find them on the street. In some cases, they may be found as strays, meaning they were not picked up by their owner and were left to fend for themselves.

Why are rescues and shelter volunteers such important parts of the cat community?

Shelters provide a place where cats can live out their lives and die in peace. They provide a place where the public can come and interact with the cats and help them. They are a place for people to go to see what is happening and to help out.

How can I help?

You can help out with rescuing cats by adopting them from a shelter. When you adopt a cat from a shelter, you save that cat from the shelter and give it a good home. When you adopt a cat from a shelter, you help the shelter by paying for food and supplies, and taking care of the cat. None of the cats in the shelter want to be there. They want to be out in the world, where they can do things.

You can also help find cats by searching online for abandoned or lost cats. You can also help by volunteering to help at a shelter. You can help out with cleaning, feeding, and grooming the cats, and cleaning the cages. It is a lot of fun.

Lastly, you can also help by donating to or volunteering at a local cat rescue. You can do this by volunteering your time or donating money. The cats will be grateful for any help that you can give.

Helpful links

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