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What are siamese cats known for

Siamese cats are known for being very affectionate, and are known as the "cat people's choice" in the cat fancy.

The Siamese cat has a laid-back personality, and is a very quiet cat.

Why are they called "Siamese"?

They are named after an ancient city in Thailand known as Siam. This city is better known to most of us as Thailand.

How many names are there for the Siamese cat?

There are actually two accepted spellings for the name "Siam". The first is spelled "siamese", the second is spelled "siam". Most of the time, the name is spelled "Siam", and it is pronounced "sah-mee-saw". The name is pronounced "sah-mee-saw", and the "s" is silent.

What is the difference between the Siamese and the Burmese?

The Siamese is a Siamese cat, while the Burmese is Burmese cat.

The Siamese is the most popular, while the Burmese is very rare.

The Siamese is a purebred cat, while the Burmese is a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese.

The Siamese is slightly larger, while the Burmese is a bit smaller than the Siamese.

The Siamese has a very distinct look, while the Burmese is a bit more rounded.

The Siamese has a longer and straighter back, while the Burmese has a more curved back.

The Siamese has a longer tail and a wedge-shaped face, while the Burmese has a more pointed face.

The Siamese has a smaller, thinner face, while the Burmese has a larger, rounder face.

Where are the Siamese cats from?

The Siamese cat is from Thailand.

The Burmese cat is from Burma.

How many cats are there of each type?

The Siamese is the most popular, with about 5,000 out of the approximately 100,000 cat breeds. The Burmese is much rarer, with less than 1,000 out of the approximately 100,000 cat breeds.

How many kinds of Siamese cats are there?

There are three recognized types of Siamese cats: The Sim-si, The Siam-si, and The Thai.

What color is the Siamese cat?

The Siamese is a tuxedo cat, with black points and a solid body color.

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Siamese cats are generally more aggressive and territorial than other breeds. Anger can be attributed to a lack of attention, hunger, hormonal changes, fear of a new environment, and compulsive actions. They normally show aggression to other cats, not humans. Read more

The Cat Fanciers’ Association only registers cats with the original Siamese point colors of seal, blue, chocolate and lilac under the name Siamese. Other cats with the Siamese head and body type and different point colors or patterns are registered as colorpoint shorthairs. Read more

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At their extremities, however, it’s a different story. Here, because the temperature is cooler, melanin will be produced, leading to darker colored fur. So, the paws, tail, ear tips, and face of your Siamese cat will show their “true” color. Siamese cats living in warmer climates will often have lighter-colored... Read more

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